Club Owners

The Business of FITx focuses on addressing 10 deadly sins that can or are already damaging your training business:

1. Limited Control of Your Trainers and Poor Compensation Methods
Ask Yourself:
- Are you still splitting training sales with your trainers? 50/50, 60/40, etc.
- Do your trainers make their own schedule? What do they wear?
- At the end of the month, who made more money, your trainers or the club?
- Who do your trainers work for, you or themselves? What would they say?
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2. Limited or No Control of the Training Sales Process
Ask Yourself:
- Is your best method of closing a sale to discount the price?
- Do you know what your trainers or sales people say during a sales pitch? 
- Who sells the training in your club? Do you have a dedicated training sales person?
- Are you unsure or unable to ask your clients for a 12 month training agreement?
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3. Overpriced Training
Ask Yourself:
- If less than 15% of your active members are in your training program, your pricing is too expensive
- If you are unable to sell or collect on 12 month training contracts, your pricing is too expensive.
- Are you fearful to discontinue offering expensive one-on-one session packages? 
- If your members don’t continually renew their training, your pricing is too expensive.
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4. Inconsistent Training Techniques
Ask Yourself:
- Do you know what your trainers did yesterday during client workouts? How about any day? 
- Do your trainers know in advance what they plan to do during each client workout?    
- If you asked your members ahead of time what their trainer has planned for their workout, what would they say?
- How do you keep your training exercises fresh and interesting to your members?
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5. Poor Coordination between Departments
Ask Yourself:
- Does anyone is different departments assist in training sales.  How about group fitness? 
- What happens after a new member enrollment? Is your training department involved?
- Does the lack of having control of your trainers hinder any chance of departments communicating?

6. Poor or No Dedicated Training Space
Ask Yourself: 
- How functional and equipped is your training space?
- Do you still train clients on fixed equipment?
- How many clients can you train at one time?
- Do you have a dedicated training area?
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7. No Brand Benefits
Ask Yourself:
- Is your training any different than your competition?
- Are your trainers any different than your competition?
- Are your members more loyal to the club or their trainer?
- If someone asked you to describe your club's training, what would you say?
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8. Poor Billing and Collections Methods
Ask Yourself:
- How does your club collect training dues each month?  Is it done electronically?
- Do you know who owes money for training? In real time.
- If a client owes money or is out of sessions, are they easily stopped from training?
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9. Ineffective Scheduling
Ask Yourself:
- Can your members schedule their own training?
- Do your trainers only come in when they have clients scheduled to train?
- How many clients can you train during peak times?
- Does your club have trainers available during peak hours to help non-training members?
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10. Poor Marketing & Social Media Efforts
Ask Yourself:
- Do you advertise your training program separate from the club?
- Do you have a Facebook page?
- Are you texting, posting, and emailing something daily to your clients?
- Do your trainers post client pictures and videos to your page or their own?
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